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Njals saga

1,699 ISK

Höfundur Lee M. Hollander

Njal's Saga is the finest of the Icelandic
sagas, and one of the world's great prose work.
Written c. 1280, about events a couple of
centuries earlier, it is divided into three
parts: the first recounts the touching
friendship between noble Gunnar and the
Statesman Njal, together with the fatal enmity
between their wives. The second part works out
the central tragedy of the saga, while the third
describes the retribution wrought by Flosi and
Kari. The saga is remarkeble not only fro the
details of everyday lifa - the farming, the
feasting and the chacoal - burning - but also
for the social structures of the society in
which that life took place - the Althing or
Parliament, the lawmaking and the lawgiving. The
grandeur of the narrative and the beauty and
distinction of the characters mark Njal's Saga
as an essential text for all who love adventure
and great literature.