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THE FOX - sample translation


Höfundur Sólveig Pálsdóttir

THE FOX (2017). Sample translation in English.

Rights sold to: Corylus (UK)


It‘s a snowy day in January when a small plane lands in a tiny town east of Vatnajökull glacier. Among the passengers is a young woman from Sri Lanka who thinks she‘s there to start a new life working at the local beauty parlour. Instead she finds herself working as a cleaner in an isolated country home beneath the looming mountains of the Eastfjords, whose jagged cliffs resemble razorblades. Her new employer is Selma, an elderly woman with a difficult past, and her son Ísak. Detective Gudgeir Fransson is now working as a security guard in the village, after being

temporarily suspended from his job at the Reykjavik Police Force pending an investigation into his alleged breach of discipline. He hears rumours in the village of the disappearance of a young foreign woman that arouse his interest and he decides to start his own investigation. It’s almost as if the woman never existed.

THE FOX is part of a stand-alone series and deals with current events that affect societies on a global scale whilst being mainly set in a sleepy Icelandic fishing village and its isolated surroundings. THE FOX combines Nordic and Eastern culture, folklore and reality in an exciting, twisty tale that will keep you riveted from page one.



Sólveig Pálsdóttir started writing ten years ago and since then her writing career has taken off quickly. Sólveig has a diverse background. She’s a trained actor and has performed in theatre, television and radio. She holds a bachelor‘s degree in literature from the University of Iceland along with a degree in teaching. Sólveig taught Icelandic literature and linguistics, drama and public speaking for many years and has produced a number of radio programmes and managed cultural events. Her first novel Leikarinn (The Actor) was published in 2012 to rave reviews and weeks at the top of best-sellers lists. The second novel, Hinir réttlátu (The Righteous Ones), also became a best-seller. Both novels have now been published in Germany by publishing house Aufbau under their German titles Eiskaltes Gift and Tote Wale. Her third novel, Flekklaus (Pure), was published in March 2015. She released her fourth book, Refurinn (The Fox) in October 2017 which also made is way to best-seller lists and is now being developed for TV. Fjötrar (Shackles) was published in late October 2019 and created a buzz with fellow crime authors like Yrsa Sigurðardóttir giving it astounding reviews. Recently translation rights to Refurinn and Fjötrar were sold to Corylus and will be published in paperback, audio and e-book in the UK. All Sólveig‘s novels have been shortlisted for the Icelandic Crime Fiction Awards. Sólveig lives in Seltjarnarnes, Iceland and is married with three children and two grandchildren. In January 2019 she was awarded the title of Artist in Residence in her hometown of Seltjarnarnes, Iceland. She is the first author to receive the honour.