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Dreams: Unlock Inner Wisdom

4,799 ISK

Höfundur Rosie March-Smith

Explore the psychological function and meaning of dreams, and unlock their power for self-improvement.
Have you ever dreamt you were being chased? Or that your teeth were falling out? Does fire, water or lost love recur in your dreams? With expert advice and guidance, find out how to decode and interpret your dreams to reveal how the images, stories and emotions you experience in sleep are deeply connected to your waking life.
Explore psychotherapeutic interpretations of key dream images and themes, and develop the dream skills you need to work with your dreams to address issues and imbalances in your life, as well as improve your psychological wellbeing.
Use your dreams to identify and overcome obstacles, realise latent talent, get to the root of how you really feel about the people in your life and much more.
Find out how, when, and why we dream, how to keep a dream journal, the significance of nightmares and recurring dreams, and the secrets of lucid dreaming.
Bursting with expert insight and with beautiful illustrations throughout, Dreams will open your eyes to this ancient practice of self-help, and reveal the gateway to self-discovery.