Skemmtilegar bækur fyrir skemmtilegt fólk

Icelandic Trolls

3,490 ISK

Höfundur Brian Pilkington

Þessi vara er ekki fáanleg eins og er

For centuries, the mountain trolls used to
inspire terror in the herats of the Icelandic
people. Nowadays, however, little is herad from
these beings, and the old terror seems to have
changed to puzzled curiosity. It has been argued
that many of the old trolls have turned to
stone, the usual evidence for this being the
huge, moss-covered, troll-like basalt rock
columns that can be found all around the
countryside, standing out against the skyline.
In this richly illustrated book, Brian
Pilkington brings the amazing world of the
trolls to life in an amusing and original
fashion. The Icelandic folk legends have been
used as a background, but a great deal of new
and surprising information has been added
concerning the living conditions, traditions and
customs of these ancient creatures. The wide
range of illustrations in the book all testify
to this popular artist's incomparable breadth of