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Vigdís. A Book About the Worlds First Female President

4,490 ISK

Höfundur Rán Flygenring

Vigdís Finnbogadóttir made history in 1980 when she became the world’s first woman to be democratically elected president. Her rise to Icelands highest office caused ripples throughout the nation and beyond, challenging the conservative ideas of older generations and inspiring girls and women to think big.

In this acclaimed picture book by Rán Flygenring, one of Icelandsmost celebrated illustrators, readers are invited to join a young and imaginative writer-in-the-making, who pays an unforgettable visit to Vigdís on a mission to write the presidents life story. The book received the Reykjavík Childrens Book Award and was selected as the booksellers favorite title as well.

  • Vigdís. A Book About the Worlds First Female President, Rán Flygenring, 2022
  • Hardcover, 210 x 280 mm
  • 48 pages