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Book of Dream Meanings

3,290 ISK

Höfundur Michael Powell

What do the symbols that appear in our dreamscape mean? How can they help us to interpret our lives and untangle our thoughts?

From animals and nature to magical symbols and nightmarish events, understanding what your dreams are trying to tell you is essential to becoming more in tune with your everyday needs and wellbeing – whether you’re feeling particularly anxious or unsettled, or if good fortune is about to come your way.

With one thousand practical explanations of the most common dream symbols, this book is the ultimate guide to interpreting your night-time thoughts and will tell you everything you need to know to unlock the hidden language of your dreams.

Find out what your dreams are trying to tell you by decoding every kind of symbol, sorted by category:
– People & Places
– The Natural World
– The Animal Kingdom
– Food & Drink
– Universal Symbols
– Action Dreams
– Magic, Mysteries & the Metaphysical
– Nightmares