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More is More Décor: A Handbook for Maximalists

6,490 ISK

Höfundur Siobhan Murphy

BBC Interior Design Masters finalist Siobhan Murphy brings you a fearless home interiors handbook that celebrates maximalism and shows you how your taste in fashion can influence your home decor. 'For me, maximalism is about using colour, patterns and textures in a happy and joyful way. It's about showcasing your personality and the things you love, both in the way you dress and in the way you decorate your home. It's decorating from the heart, going with your gut and not worrying what the neighbours will say.' Siobhan Murphy This first-of-its-kind interiors handbook encourages you to think about the colours, textures, patterns and prints that bring happiness into your life, then shows you some clever ways to work these elements into your home decor. A celebration of bold fashion and maximalist interiors, More Is More Decor showcases key maximalist influencers of the past and present, from Jayne Mansfield to Jonathan Adler, before demonstrating how fashion and other interests such as travel can inspire your interior design choices. Fully illustrated throughout with photos of Siobhan's incredible art deco home, as well as all of her favourite influencers, it's a feast for the eyes and a book that can be pored over or dipped in and out of. With Siobhan's guidance you'll find the confidence to experiment, be bolder with your style and curate a space that fills you with joy. It's time to banish the beige, ditch the drab and throw the interiors rule book out of the window. Chapter breakdown: 1. What Is Maximalism? 2. Inspiration From Places and Things 3. Inspiration From Influencers Past 4. Inspiration From Today's Influencers 5. Playing With Colour 6. Pattern and Print 7. Accessories: The Jewellery of the Home 8. Mood Boarding and Sourcing