Skemmtilegar bækur fyrir skemmtilegt fólk

109 Viking Sudoku

2,490 ISK

Höfundur Salka - bókaútgáfa og bókabúð

Was Sudoku the favorite pastime of the Vikings? Probably not, but now you can try your mental strenght on 109 Viking Sudokus. 

You are challanged with 20 easy puzzles for farmers, 30 medium for ship builders, 30 hard for sail weavers and 20 hellish for those who take part in Viking raids. The final challange is to solve 9 Viking voyage sudokus – where each one consists of 5 regular sudokus. 

Sudoku, much like planning a Viking Voyage, requires focus, determination and a logical thought process that sharpens your mind, improves your concentration and keeps the gray cells motivated.