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50 crazy things to taste in Iceland

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Höfundur Snæfríður Ingadóttir

· The stink of Christmas

· A lethal bite

· The island´s ugliest fish

· Ram´s testicles – if you´ve got the balls

· Sheep heads – burned and boiled

· Ethnic food orgies

There ain´t no such thing as wrong food. Sean Stewart Truer words were never spoken, especially when it comes to the unique dishes that dominate Iceland´s food culture. In this third book of the 50 Crazy... series (including 50 Crazy Things To Do In Iceland and 50 Crazy Romantic Things To Do In Iceland), you´ll be introduced to some of the country´s strangest and most challenging foods, as well as many that are just plain delicious.

In addition to being an enthusiastic gourmand, Snæfríður Ingadóttir is a well-known journalist who´s written countless articles on Iceland´s people and culture. Photographer Þorvaldur Örn Kristmundsson provides the accompanying images to this fascinating and funny taste-tour through the Land of Fire and Ice.

When author, Snæfríður Ingadóttir, is asked about the idea, she says that she always wanted to make a tourist book which was light and entertaining. When she herself is a tourist, she does not want to do what every other tourist does - she personally likes to do what locals do. In her Crazy book series, she points out what is obvious and natural to all Icelanders, but to the guests-eye might seem rather crazy. Lots of crazy stuff can be done in Iceland.