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All This Could Be Different

3,290 ISK

Höfundur Sarah Thankam Mathews

'This is not a story about work or precarity. I am trying, late in the evening, to say something about love, which for many of us is not separable from the other shit.'

This is a novel about being young in the 21st century. About being called a 'rockstar' by your boss because of your Excel skills. About staying up too late buying furniture online, despite the threat of eviction hanging over you. About feeling like all your choices are mortgaged to the parents that made your life possible.

About the excitement of moving to a new city: about gay bars, house parties and new romances. About a group of friends - about Sneha, Tig and Thom - and how that can become a family. About love and sex and hope. About knowing that all this could be different.