Skemmtilegar bækur fyrir skemmtilegt fólk

Bónus Poetry

2,190 ISK

Höfundur Andri Snær Magnason

Bónus Poetry takes the reader on a mythological journey through the aisles of an undisclosed Bónus Supermarket branch, and is based on Dante’s Divina Commedia. Starting in “Paradiso” (the fruit and vegetable section), we travel through “Inferno” (meat and frozen goods) before finally ending up in the “Purgatorio” (cleaning products).

The book was initially published by Bónus Supermarkets in Iceland and sold at supermarket counters on eternal “special offer”. The author signed the same contract as every other producer: “If the consumer is harmed by the product, the producer is liable.” Bónus Poetry became the biggest selling poetry volume in the history of Iceland. No consumers have yet been harmed but please call the service desk in case of headaches, dizziness or general bursts of poem disorder.

Snow White
Snow White can’t buy six-packs
the dwarves are seven

seven chicken legs, seven cans of coke,
seven dirty dishes, seven dirty sheets,
seven filthy boxers, seven days a week

as usual she was going to toss
seven bottles of beer in her basket

but she changed her mind
bought herself a bottle of red wine

and seven poisoned apples.