Skemmtilegar bækur fyrir skemmtilegt fólk

Complete Icelandic Beginner to Intermediate Book and Audio Course

7,990 ISK

Höfundur Teach Yourself

The go-to program for developing a sound grasp of Icelandic

Complete Icelandic with Two Audio CDs provides a clear and comprehensive approach to Icelandic, designed for anyone who wants reach an intermediate level in all four skills―reading, writing, listening and speaking.

This unique program allows you to master Icelandic at your own pace through authentic conversations, detailed language and grammar explanations, and extensive practice and review. You will learn what you want to say and when to say it―everything from giving opinions to planning events. With our interactive Discovery Method, you will absorb language rules faster, remember what you learn more easily, and put your Icelandic into use with confidence.

  • Includes tips to help with pronunciation and grammar
  • Comprehensive program to reading, writing, listening and speaking, providing guidance from beginner through intermediate level
  • Audio CDs contain numerous audio dialogues that provide practical communication models