Skemmtilegar bækur fyrir skemmtilegt fólk

Helgi Explores the World

2,990 ISK

Höfundur Njörður P. Njarðvík

The world is a big place. It’s bigger than the whole farm. It’s so big that it takes nearly a whole day to explore it all. Today Helgi is going to explore the whole world. His two best friends are going with him, the dog Merry and the mare Fly. And off they go.

On their journey through the world, they encounter many things along the way, much to take note of and much to watch out for. Life is everywhere – animals, birds and fish. Old stories come to life and new surprises are found in the lava fields. And Helgi learns that he doesn’t have this big world all to himself: he must learn respect for all life and everything around him.

Helgi Explores the World met with praise immediately upon its publication in the 1970s. The book has been read and studied by generations of Icelandic children and has long since earned its place in Icelandic children’s literature.

A collaboration between author Njörður P. Njarðvík and illustrator Halldór Pétursson, one of Iceland’s most beloved draughtsmen, this charming book succeeds in intertwining artistic illustrations and a tale advocating respect for nature into one delightful story.