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How to Argue with a Meat Eater (and Win Every Time)

3,990 ISK

Höfundur Ed Winters

FORSALA í tilefni af komu Ed Winters (Earthling Ed) til Íslands í lok maí býður bókabúð Sölku upp á forsölu á tveimur bókum hans. Panta þarf fyrir 8. maí til að tryggja að eintökun berist í tæka tíð fyrir heimsóknina. 


An empowering and deeply informative book – MobyChallenge their beliefs; change the worldIf you are a vegan, you’ll know all too well how provocative it can be – you never know when you’ll be challenged or how. But being able to face down and rebut arguments against veganism is hugely important. Not just because many of the arguments lack substance, but because every interaction provides a pivotal moment to create change.

How to Argue With a Meat Eater will teach you to not only become a skilled debater, sharing the secrets of renowned vegan educator Ed Winters, but it will arm you with powerful facts and insights that will give pause to even the most devout meat eater. Providing you with the knowledge to become a better conversationalist and critical thinker, and the motivation to create a more ethical, kind and sustainable world, let this book be your guide and inspiration to know that, no matter what the argument, you can win every time.