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Höfundur Lousie O'Neill

'IDOL is fresh, glamorous, and surprising, taking an issue we all care about and with a deft twist, recalibrating our position. It dazzles us before revealing the darkness at its heart. Louise O'Neill is not afraid to take on a taboo but somehow always makes it utterly compelling. This is such an exciting book.' Marian Keyes

'Follow your heart and speak your truth.'

For Samantha Miller's young fans, she's everything they want to be. She's an oracle, telling them how to be their best, true selves. With three million followers and a recent number one bestseller, Sam is more influential than ever.

Determined to bare all to her adoring fans, she's written an essay about her sexual awakening as a teenager with her female best friend, Lisa. She's never told a soul, now she's telling the world. The essay goes viral.

But then - years since they last spoke - Lisa gets in touch to say that her memory of that night is far darker. It's Sam's word against Lisa's - so whose 'truth' is really a lie?

'You put yourself on that pedestal, Samantha. You only have yourself to blame.'