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The Unkillables

3,990 ISK

Höfundur Jo Lambell

Featuring over 40 cool, high-maintenance-looking plants, The Unkillables will ensure your put your plant-murdering days firmly in the past, and will transform your home into the gorgeous green space you always dreamed of.

Are you a plant killer? There's nothing more heart-breaking than bringing your new plant baby home, only to have it die a slow death in front of your very eyes. Was it too much water? Not enough sunlight? A drafty corner? The reasons for planticide can seem endless!

In The Unkillables, Jo Lambell shares her houseplant knowledge so that even the biggest plant serial killers can have an abundant indoor garden. Jo will take the fear out of the unknown and equip those with no green fingers at all with the skills they need to keep their plants alive and thriving. Plants can be a little intimidating - with their fancy Latin names, complex terminology and 'just look at me and I'll perish' reputation - so choosing hardy, tolerant plants is the best place to start. Jo walks you through the basics of care - light, water, location - as well as sharing information on repotting, propagating, cleaning, First Aid and more.