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World Cocktail Adventures

3,990 ISK

Höfundur Loni Carr, Brett Gramse

Þessi vara er ekki fáanleg eins og er

World Cocktail Adventures is a virtual cocktail tour in book form by creative duo Loni Carr and Brett Gramse of The Whiskey Ginger. Each chapter focuses on a different spirit - tequila, whiskey, rum, vodka, gin and speciality - with a total of 40 unique cocktail recipes featured. What's the travel twist, you ask? Well, each recipe is inspired by a different destination around the world.

You'll get a taste of the place's history and tourist attractions with a vintage-style travel poster to match, followed by a quick explanation of why Loni and Brett think the cocktail is best enjoyed in this location. Then you'll get the real goods with a fun cocktail recipe, tips on glassware and bartending, and an illustration of the final cocktail. This is a book for cocktail lovers and travel dreamers.

You could be enjoying a Desert Road tequila cocktail and imagine yourself in Amarillo, Texas in the US, or sipping on a Fire and Ice whiskey cocktail inspired by Reykjavik, Iceland. There are also some bonus ideas for drinking games included. We're asking you to come on an adventure...

a cocktail world adventure! World Cocktail Adventures mixes travelling and drinking, muddles fantasy with non-fiction, and retells tales never told. Just remember, this book is meant to be used. It's not your mum's white couch.

Write in it. Spill a drink on it. Pass it around.

Love was poured into the making of it, and you can honour the creators by truly enjoying it.